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Marigot Bay Resort

Holiday in Marigot Bay This sailing malarkey can be hard.  Not the actual sailing,  that's relatively easy. What's hard is all the work necessary to ensure we continue to sail. Whether it is cleaning or repairing or maintenance, there's always something to do - every...

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St Lucia Here We Come

Farewell to Cumberland Bay At 6.30 AM on 25th February, Ratty untied our long line from the tree to which we had been attached for almost a week. And to the sound of Ratty singing ‘When will I see you again’, while waving his arms from the shoreline, we gathered in...

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Calm in Cumberland Bay

Mojitos Calabash and Honesty After nearly being flattened by our nemesis, the barge and tug, to say it's a relief to be out of the way of the action is somewhat of an understatement. Safely tied to a tree outside the Mojito restaurant under the watchful gaze of Kenny...

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Nearly Crushed in Cumberland Bay

You Have to Move! The shouting started at 10 PM. All was peaceful in the bay before that. Maria and I sat below watching a film when we heard someone outside shouting "Hey!", followed by something illegible, then a pause for a minute or so, then "Hey!" We thought it...

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Sailing to St Vincent

Race to the island Two yachts within sight of each other is a race. If the other fella doesn't know that - it's tough. We left Bequia late morning on Friday 16th Feb heading for Keartons Bay, which is midway along St Vincent on the leeward side. The wind direction was...

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Bequia Revisited

We aimed for Mustique and missed On a breezy 9th February we upped our anchor and set off towards Mustique. This time the wind was in a better direction and, at last, we could sail rather than punch through the waves under power. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear...

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Salty Sea Dogs in Saline Bay

Bumpy Ride from Chatham 6th February 2018 The trip from Union Island to Mayreau was short but vicious. Again, the wind and swell came from straight ahead, which made the journey frustratingly bumpy. Our goal this time was to reach Saline Bay on the south west of the...

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Party Time in Chatham Bay

Bollhead On arrival at any new anchorage, we stalk the seabed for patches of sand on which to drop the anchor. Chatham Bay was no exception. We hunted around the bay until we found a spot near to the front of the other boats, about 100 metres out from the beach and...

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Reunion at Union Island

Carriacou to Union Island On 31st January we unhooked ourselves from Tyrell Bay and slogged our way to Union Island. Contrary to the weather forecast, the wind was fierce and directly ahead of us. The resultant sea state made for another bumpy trip between the...

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Naked Grenada

Shocker in Sandy Island You’d think a clear statement from the Grenadian authorities that nudism is frowned upon, would give a hint to the most ardent knuckle dragger that it isn’t prudent to get your willy out in public. But there, on a mooring ball outside Sandy...

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