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Tyrell Bay You can't say all the Caribbean is the same; there's a subtle difference between all the islands and it's not just the geography. Although Carriacou is but a stone's throw away from Union Island, it couldn't be more different. In stark contrast to Clifton...

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Near disaster on Union Island

After a brief lunchtime stop at the very beautiful Palm Island, we entered the chaos of Clifton on Union Island so that we could clear out St Vincent and the Grenadines. Newlands Reef is the only feature keeping the sea reasonably flat in Clifton Harbour, but it...

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Robert Righteous and De Youths

We spent the early afternoon of our last day in Salt Whistle Bay with our French friends, celebrating Philippe’s 40th birthday with rum punch and lunch on the beach. Even though it was his birthday, he’d slaved away at the cooker in the morning to produce food to...

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Salt Whistle Bay – Mayreau

Salt Whistle Bay is an oasis of calm compared with the exposed waters of Tobago Cays. The sea is flat, the winds are light, and the swell isn’t too bad either. It’s possible to land the dinghy without getting your knickers wet, and the beach is a beautifully...

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All Frenchmen Smoke Pipes

“There’s a guy over there talking about Lady Jane. And he is smoking a pipe, just like Thierry off Lys de Mer. I wonder if all Frenchman smoke pipes?” Maria was asking me this as I lay on the beach with my eyes closed. In the background I could hear another voice, one...

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Bequia Tour

On our last day in Bequia, we thought it a good idea to see more of the island with our likeminded friends, Gerrit and Pascale, who picked us up in their dinghy to take us ashore. With a deal struck with a driver for a two hour tour, off we went sat on the bench seats...

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New Years Day at the beach

There are a couple of beaches in the bay, Princess Margaret’s and Lower Bay. The first of these, as lovely as it is, was packed so full of people it looked like a seal colony. So, we carried on in the dinghy to lower bay, finding an empty plot of sand beneath a row of...

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Happy Old Year’s Night from Admiralty Bay

Christmas Day In Bequia We spent Christmas Day in a greater state of idleness than the day before. Of course, this was only to preserve energy for the walk to the Bequia Beach Hotel with the JaJaPamis and the crew of Moya at later that evening for dinner. As planned,...

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Rock and Roll Christmas in Bequia

After our three nights were up in Mustique - and with mild hangovers from there Basil Bar ‘Jump Up’ the night before - we detached ourselves from the mooring ball and headed off to Bequia (pronounced Bekway) just 7 miles north. With a brisk wind and just the mainsail...

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The home of the rich and famous and - for the next three days - Allen and Maria Wadsworth. After a breezy sail from Barbados, we are now tied to a mooring buoy (200 EC Dollars for three nights) in the clear waters near Basil’s Bar in Britania Bay. The sea is even...

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