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Careenage After clearing in, things accelerated faster than a whippet out the trap and we managed to get into the Careenage just before the lifting bridge was lowered. Inside the Careenage inner basin, help was at hand thanks to some of our fellow Odyssey sailors who...

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We are in Barbados.

Last night wasn’t how we imagined our arrival in the tropics. It was cold, wet and windy, certainly not the idyl we had in mind. The wind gusted to 30 knots, driving rain through the companionway hatch into the cabin. I had to shut myself out. This morning, however,...

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Didn’t see that coming

Until a few days ago, the grinder of the celestial sphere had been consistently keeping the sun and the moon in sync above our heads. The sun would rise in the east, and set in the west at the same time as moonrise in the east. This cycle continued for many a happy...

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Life onboard

Photographs can be deceptive. Maria might look as if she is just staring idly across the sea towards distant shores. But no. She is performing an important everyday function: holding the satellite phone aerial level to get a good signal so that we can download the...

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Three hundred and thirty miles to Barbados and we are floating on a bed of seaweed. I assume it’s Sargasso weed and there’s sheets of it everywhere. It isn’t slowing us down though. At the speed we are doing, we should arrive at Bridgetown late Friday afternoon. That...

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Today is a blue sky day

Yesterday’s clouds have disappeared, allowing the power of the blazing sun to shine on Lady Jane’s ever-grateful solar panels. These are currently pouring 16 amps of power into the batteries and it isn’t even midday. The hydrogenerator is adding another six amps to...

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That’s an odd looking wave I thought after looking over to my left to see where the noise was coming from. About 30 metres away, there appeared to be a dip in the water with steeper than usual waves surrounding it. Thinking nothing more than a ‘that’s interesting’, I...

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Provisioning is positioned as one of the most difficult things to do prior to setting off on a long voyage. You are told to grease your eggs, sprout your veg, and stock up on treats. As Maria recounts below, provisioning a boat for an ocean crossing is something of a...

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Halfway to Barbados

Last night, 1st December 2017 at 2258 UTC, with 1011 miles to go, we reached the halfway point in our voyage from Cape Verde to Barbados. After showering and changing into our least-stained t-shirts and shorts for the occasion, it was time to get the party started. I...

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Close encounters of the third kind

You don’t expect to see much 880 miles from land. There’s plenty of water of course, and a few flying fish around. But for the best part of a week we have seen no boats other than Anemone and Akouavi the other day. Then yesterday afternoon a large catamaran, More Joy,...

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