Lady Jane

Here’s a little about our super Moody 425 sailing yacht, Lady Jane.


The Moody 425 is a bermudan sloop sailing yacht made of GRP, built in the days when material costs were less important than material gain. She’s a well built beauty with a track record of safely delivering sailors to exotic locations all over the world. She has in mast mainsail furling and genoa furling, which means that most of the sailing activity can be performed without leaving the cockpit.


There aren’t many 42ft yachts offering a stateroom with a centreline double bed. What this means is no more nights stuffed into a small space in high temperatures – and it affords a little bit of much needed ‘at home’ luxury. The design of the interior is all about safety at sea with lots of grabrails, and plenty of sea berths when underway. The galley area is large enough to cook in, but small enough to avoid being bounced around in a seaway..


Not so glam, but so very important. Lady Jane received an engine transplant a little while ago and is now sporting this beautiful beast of an engine – a Beta 60 – fresh from the factory. This produces a smooth 55 horsepower – enough to power the boat through errant wind and waves if the need arises.


Every knot matters, and the old 3 bladed lump of a propeller generated more drag than Dame Edna. This was not too much of a concern over short distancies, but when crossing oceans it certainly is. The replacement four-bladed Featherstream prop is a genuine credit to British engineering and innovation. The Poole-based Darglow engineering folks have created a nautical work of art: merging together form and function to create something that not only looks fantastic, but drives the boat through the water quickly under power both in forward and reverse – and is truly slick when under sail.


This sounds very cool… and it is.

Our Raymarine Evolution Autopilot, George, acts as an extra crew member and can steer the boat better than anyone, except the most focussed of racing helms, without complaint.

Geeky Stuff

Hull Length: 12.7M
Water Line Length: 10.44M
Beam: 4.07M
Draft: 1.42M
Displacement: 9,900Kg
Ballast: 3,811Kg
Water Capacity: 409ltrs
Fuel Capacity: 273ltrs