He looks pensive, doesn’t he?

The haircut, delivered by yours truly but fully consented to by Chris, was a necessary evil to relief Chris of his bouffant-ness. If it wasn’t for this light trim, he would likely have the appearance of a troll by the time we arrive in Barbados.

The style I chose (actually not so much of a choice because that’s the only haircut I can do) appears to get the popular vote from a few of our fellow sailors. He has been referred to as “Pretty Boy”, “Handsome Man”, and a number of other aliases not fit for disclosure here. I am getting mildly concerned that he is being warmed up for serial evening entertainment by a few of the single-handed sailors around these parts.

The haircut was the precursor to a trip around the island of São Vicente with the crew of JaJaPami. The car and driver for the trip were arranged by one of the fixers outside the Marina gates – Jo – an incongruously Boston-accented guy who acquired his accent from a spell of living and working in the US.

The tour of the island took us to the top of Mount Verde on a cobbled road. Sitting on the back of the truck on the hard benches on somethat resembling a cattle-truck made this a mildly uncomfortable ride. But it was entertaining, and you can’t fault the view.

For the last few days, all we have seen is the marina and the surrounding streets of Mindelo. These are OK, but hardly picturesque. But on top of the mountain, the beauty of the island is revealed. It is truly lovely.

On the way back, the police pulled the driver over for what appeared to be a routine check of passenger vehicles. I’m not sure what the problem was: insurance / licence / permission to carry children in the back of a truck / something else. But something was wrong, and it resulted in us having to get off the truck and into a bus that, fortunately, had also been pulled over by the police. So the journey back was a little more comfortable – and even odder – than the journey there.

The driver of the truck was found waiting for us at the marina gates. He had a vested interest to see us again of course. We hadn’t paid him. And I assume he was fined for whatever infringement he was guilty of, so was in even more need of the cash than previously.

Notes were handed to him and to Jo. And the tour ended with beers at the floating bar, where it was strangely cold. The wind here has been blowing hard over the last few days and this seems to have a refrigeration effect – hence the Carmen Miranda impression.

We are planning to leave in the next two days to explore some of the other islands in the south. Besides, the ARC+ rally is coming to town, and it is going to be uncomfortably busy around here – so it’s time to head off.