The home of the rich and famous and – for the next three days – Allen and Maria Wadsworth.

After a breezy sail from Barbados, we are now tied to a mooring buoy (200 EC Dollars for three nights) in the clear waters near Basil’s Bar in Britania Bay. The sea is even clearer here than Carlisle Bay, Barbados. And the turtles are bigger, or at least the one I tried to catch up with (and failed) is.

Clearing in at the airport was very easy and made painless by friendly officials. Eddie the taxi driver took me there and back for 60 EC dollars. Entertainment for the journey was force fed into my ear holes by a preacher doing his preaching stuff on the radio, Brother. There is some good news and some bad news here:

The island is on ‘restriction’ over the Christmas period, so you can’t hike around where the celebs might be. But you can walk around a sizeable portion of the island including the village. And Basil’s bar is closed, but he has opened a pop-up Basil’s Bar just down the road, so it’s the same game just a different place – on the beach.

Later, we took our dinghy to the dinghy dock and hiked up the hill to The View restaurant – also known as Lisa Lewis’s restaurant. Yes, Lisa Lewis of Basingstoke, if you are reading this, you can claim it’s yours at parties. The food (chicken – Maria; Lobster – me) was lovely and so was the service. And the climb up those steps makes you feel you deserved it.

After a lazy afternoon catching up on sleep, we set off late afternoon for sundowners at Basil’s. Halfway there – and this is becoming a habit – the outboard conked out. Fortunately help was at hand from a couple of like-minded souls also heading to the dinghy dock who gave us a tow. Carla and Humph – a lawyer and a doctor from New Zealand – are here on a sailing holiday holiday. And we are very glad they are. Not only are they good company, they also gave us a tow back to Lady Jane, where we had dinner and collapsed into an early sleep.

‘Britania Bay’

‘Village shops’

‘Lady Jane in the bay’

‘View from The View’

‘The Village’