That’s an odd looking wave I thought after looking over to my left to see where the noise was coming from. About 30 metres away, there appeared to be a dip in the water with steeper than usual waves surrounding it. Thinking nothing more than a ‘that’s interesting’, I was reaching for my book when the source of the strange waves and the dip in the water launched itself above water.
It’s difficult to assess the size of the whale, but it’s a big fella and at least the length of Lady Jane.
Fortunately he came up for a second time – a little further away this time – and I was able to capture him on video. The image here is a snapshot from the video, so it probably isn’t the best quality.
I find it remarkable that these huge creatures can perform such incredible acrobatic feats and make it look effortless and so graceful. And it isn’t often you get something like that appearing outside your home.
We are now 642 miles from Barbados and all is whale.