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New York, New York

New York Manhattan is a special place for us. I proposed to Maria at the top of the Empire State Building, overlooking the Chrysler Buiding. And we married at Fort Tryon Park on the upper west side. So, we have some familiarity with the city. But arriving here by boat...

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New York Bound

St Mary's to Solomons After consulting with a few of our OCC members on the best way to get from St Mary's to New York, we decided to go north up the Chesapeake to pass through the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. There's probably not much difference in time between...

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Potomac Panic

Potomac - It’s Bigger Than You Think A cursory look at the chart gives the misleading impression that the Potomac River is only a quick sail up the Chesapeake. A distance of maybe 12 miles or so. But a more thorough study reveals the painful truth: that it's over 70...

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Welcome to the USA

Bermuda to The Chesapeake Chris Parker was right: it was a safe time to leave Bermuda for the Chesapeake; there was no wind for more than 600 miles. So, in preparation, we filled up with diesel at the local Rubis station. And with a full main tank and another 100...

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Duck Day

Final few days in Bermuda We spent our last few days in Bermuda taking in the local sites and generally making the most of our stay in St George's while waiting for a favourable weather forecast to cross the 695 miles to the Chesapeake. Going in the opposite direction...

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Dockyard Day

Bermuda Dockyard 31st May 2018 "There are no cruise ships in the Dockyard on Thursday," said Peter (S/Y Tigger), "so, we are thinking about going." That sounded good to the motley crew. We were going anyway, but this was an unexpected bonus. Fewer queues anywhere is a...

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Trunk Island Treat

Trunk Island Paddy and Hannah O'Donnell generously flung open their doors to their home for us Salty Dawg folks in Bermuda. Melinda and Reinhart on the yacht Rockhopper (the same folks who welcomed us when we arrived in St George's) arranged the visit. And on 28th...

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Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day The authorities have nudged Bermuda Day forward by a day to the 25th May to create a long weekend. This worked out well for us, so we decided to get on the bus to Hamilton to watch the show, arriving late morning - and in time to see some half marathon...

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Birthday at BAMZ

Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo 24th May 2018 For my birthday, Maria planned to take me on the bus to be with the animals. And Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) is just the place for that. It has a fine selection of all things, corralled in a small but perfectly...

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St George’s Bermuda

From Turbulent to Tame The second half of our sail from Antigua turned out to be way better than the first. The sea state gradually reduced from a fast boil to slow simmer, the wind dropped from 20 plus knots to less than 10. And with one day left to go before...

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