A feisty depression near Portugal is hampering progress down here. Rather than enjoying trade wind sailing with the wind behind us, we are currently motoring into five knots of wind ahead of us.
Some of our fellow rally participants appear to be heading for Brazil to find more wind. Our plan is to head straight for Barbados. The forecast shows that normal service will resume in a couple of days. And because ocean weather data isn’t that accurate compared to land forecasts, there is no guarantee that heading south will make any difference at all.
We have enough fresh produce on board to satisfy any gluttonous gourmand, so we are likely to expand rather than starve. The photograph shows the result of last nights job: washing the fruit and veg in a mild bleach solution to get rid of any critters that may otherwise ensconce themselves aboard Lady Jane.
According to our chart plotter, we are 1989 miles from the southern tip of Barbados. The sun is shining, the sea is smooth and flying fish are providing entertainment. And there isn’t a lot to do except munch through the fresh stuff and relax.