In complete contrast to yesterday’s trauma, today brings a treat to the motley crew. It is bread day.
Maria is kneading the dough in the cockpit as I write this. And now that she has overcome seasickness, she has become the Mary Berry of Lady Jane. Baking bread at sea on a monohull is hardcore in my view. So I’m very impressed.
For the first time in a long time, there is another sailing boat nearby. Wink is 24 metre sailing vessel (twice the length of Lady Jane) headed in roughly the same direction as us, but two knots faster. We can see her on the AIS, but not visually. She is approximately six miles away. The nearest Cornell rally boat, I think, is around 12 miles away.
All has returned to pleasantness on board. We are 1302 miles from Barbados, the wind is currently a gentle F4. Lady Jane is doing exceptionally well. And the crew aren’t doing so bad either.