You don’t expect to see much 880 miles from land. There’s plenty of water of course, and a few flying fish around. But for the best part of a week we have seen no boats other than Anemone and Akouavi the other day.
Then yesterday afternoon a large catamaran, More Joy, came up behind us. The AIS told us that they would pass close to us – it said 23 metres close at one point. We watched the boat looming closer and closer. The AIS stared beeping a collision avoidance warning. We thought it prudent to dress for visitors. Maria even hoovered the cockpit. I used the binoculars to check for signs of life. Was this a modern day Marie Celeste I wondered? But I was relieved to see people on the fly bridge.
In the end they changed course slightly and passed us about 100 metres on our starboard side. Perhaps they too hadn’t seen another boat in a while and just wanted to see some other people. It’s getting like the Solent out here.
We should be half way across the Atlantic tonight. Maria is baking a cake in preparation and it’s going to be a party. We might even have a can of coke.
Currently we are 1064 miles from Barbados and 957 miles from Cape Verde. The wind has perked up a bit, so we are making great progress at the moment.