“There’s a guy over there talking about Lady Jane. And he is smoking a pipe, just like Thierry off Lys de Mer. I wonder if all Frenchman smoke pipes?” Maria was asking me this as I lay on the beach with my eyes closed. In the background I could hear another voice, one that sounded very much like Thierry. In my half asleep state I thought it must be a regional French accent, from a place where all men do indeed smoke pipes. Then we heard the same voice shouting “Lady Jane!” And there in front of us stood Thierry and Michelle.

Quelle coïncidence!

Being part of the Cornell Rally has led to many such coincidences and happy reunions. We always enjoyed Thierry and Michelle’s company while the rally was active and it was great to meet up with them again here. And by further coincidence, they had also booked a BBQ dinner on the beach, so we were able to catch up properly that evening.

Sadly though it was time to part company with the JaJapamis. They need to go to Martinique for some tweaks to their boat, so we won’t see them for a while, as we are planning to spend more time in the south before heading back up towards the Leeward Islands.

Our stay in Tobago Cays has been fabulous. The snorkelling was good, the sea is well protected by the reef, and the scenery speaks for itself. Here’s a few more photographs: