Last night, 1st December 2017 at 2258 UTC, with 1011 miles to go, we reached the halfway point in our voyage from Cape Verde to Barbados.
After showering and changing into our least-stained t-shirts and shorts for the occasion, it was time to get the party started.
I created a celebratory 2-course meal from leftovers and whatever I could exhume from the fridge. Maria, my star baker any day of the week, made a delicious lemon drizzle cake. And we toasted the event with a can of Coke Zero each.
You might be able to deduce that we operate a dry boat at sea.
After partying so hard (it’s all relative folks) it was good to get back to our usual watches. We have moved ships time backwards to UTC-2, however, so that we can ease ourselves into Barbados time.
Last night was a quiet night in so far as no vessels were within visual contact. In fact, the only other boat out here can be seen solely on our AIS about 8 miles off our port quarter – a sailing boat called ANOI.
The wind is blowing consistently between 18 and 21 knots, gusting up to 27 knots, more or less directly from behind. This is good. There is minimal swell, so it’s reasonably comfortable. And we haven’t needed to touch the sails in days. It’s still the same wing-on-wing configuration: poled out genoa and main held in place with a preventer.
We now have 932 miles to go, so it was a good nights run after the party fun.