When I told family and friends that we were going to live on our boat and sail across the Atlantic, they said things like “wow, you’re going to have an amazing time” , “you’ll be living the dream”, I thought, yes but living on a 42ft yacht boat and sailing isn’t all G & T ‘s and sunbathing!

This is what it’s really like:

  • No washing for days.
  • Washing your clothes in a tiny sink.
  • Cooking when the boat is rolling.
  • Feeling sick all day and night.
  • No sleep because you’ve had to do a sail change in the middle of the night.
  • Considering if you can drink the water.
  • Thinking before you switch a light on.
  • No TV.
  • No internet – omg I hear you gasp!

I’ve just finished a 4-hour watch while sailing from Tenerife to Cape Verde and there are only 3 positives from that short period:

  • The dolphins that visit every day and at three in the morning.
  • The stars in the sky that are just brighter than you’ve ever seen.
  • The phosphorescence that lights up the sea and cannot be described in words.

That’s why I AM living the dream x