Holiday in Marigot Bay

This sailing malarkey can be hard.  Not the actual sailing,  that’s relatively easy. What’s hard is all the work necessary to ensure we continue to sail. Whether it is cleaning or repairing or maintenance, there’s always something to do – every day. And it’s essential to keep on top of things; otherwise, the problems start to get challenging. It’s relentless. And sometimes you need a break.

So, for the last three days, we have regarded our stay here at the Marigot Bay Capella resort as a holiday. We have spent our time slowly exploring the resort, basking on sun loungers by the pool (enjoying the experience of not rolling from side to side), having food and drinks delivered to us, and eating in restaurants with menu choices that we haven’t seen since being in Europe. And we have done nothing on the boat. It’s been a blast.

Of course, there’s always a price to pay, and it’s a stiff one. The bar and restaurant prices are unquestionably more European than the Caribbean.

Mind you; we are the lucky ones. Checking Expedia for hotel room prices for this resort revealed that next week’s discounted rates are £345 per night room only or £737 per night fully inclusive. Alternatively, one can arrive by yacht and pay $1 per foot and share the same facilities. So, as far as the accommodation is concerned, we feel we’ve bagged a bargain.

Super Superyachts

Also sharing the facilities, and our pontoon, are the crew and owners of the superyachts parked no more than 100 metres away from us. The most super of the superyachts here has a helicopter parked on the aft deck. And, according to one of the guys who works here, a recent one has both a helicopter and a car. The car is lifted off with the yacht’s crane so that the crew can use it to pick up the owner. That’s good. It’s always good to cover all eventualities. We have folding bikes.

Despite all the luxury and the glamour, the downside for superyacht owners is this: Whereas we can sit on our boat and enjoy a great view of millions of dollars worth of gleaming yacht bristling with big toys and technology. The superyacht owners have a not-so-great view of us. So, who’s got the better deal eh?

Our View
Their View

Today we are taking a small trip around to Rodney Bay where we intend to give Lady Jane a holiday. The boat boys have given her hull a few scratches over the last few weeks, and have left a bit of their hull paint behind. So, I’m sure she will appreciate a manicure and polish. And the watermaker has developed an annoying squeak that we need to fix, probably with new seals. There are a few other non-essential things we want to get done there too. Because this is where the ARC boats make their mass landfall, we hope to find some well-skilled labour to help us out.