The 30th October 2017 is a date to celebrate, for the crew of Lady Jane. It’s the day Maria stopped being seasick.

The cure isn’t anything to do with drugs, hypnosis, sickness bands, or anything that you plonk on your head to simulate a horizon. It is simply the byproduct of sailing a rolling ocean for four days.

Maria has suffered travel sickness from the age of four, when travelling on the Dancing Bus (a bus that takes the young carnival dancers to competition). “If only I’d have stayed on that bus for four days I would have been OK”, Maria said.

To prove how cured she is, here’s a photograph of her preparing lunch. This would have been impossible only a couple of days ago.

So there you are. It might be a bit extreme, but if you want to cure motion sickness, get on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean for four days and go with the roll.

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