For the first two days, we trolled a rubbery squid on a line behind the boat in an attempt to catch a pelagic monster but landed nothing. And after deploying the water generator on day three, the short line we are left with has probably killed off any chance of tuna.

But on day seven we caught our first fish with no effort at all. Shoals of flying fish are everywhere, so all we needed to do is get in the way. And even that wasn’t a conscious effort. By the time Maria spotted the fish on the bow, he was as stiff as a board. So we named him Wellard, then gave him a decent sea burial. Actually, we chucked him back overboard.

We are now just 80 miles away from Mindelo and we’ve slowed the boat down to time our arrival for tomorrow morning, in daylight and in marina working hours. The sun is still shining, the winds are fair, and the occasional pod of dolphins comes along to say hello.