The kids from the SOS charity came to the marina on 18th November as a sort of reciprocal visit following ours to them earlier in the month. The purpose of this visit was threefold: for us to show them our boats, to feed them, and to give them the opportunity share with us their music skills.

The young fella you can see on Lady Jane was undoubtedly happy to be onboard. We showed him our journey on the chart plotter, and how we sail. He had a go on the helm and pulling out the genoa, and was obviously engaged in what he was doing. When one of the educators came on board, he explained to him what we had told him.

We then loaded him full of sweets with plenty of e-numbers, gave him a hat, and followed him off the boat to the rest of the group back to the buffet table. The buffet consisted of food prepared by each of the boat crews to represent their national dishes. I’m not sure that pasta salad is an accurate representation of English cuisine, but that was our contribution.

I think these little guys and girls enjoyed the time here. They appeared happy if not a little hyperactive from the sweets. They are musically talented, and I hope their enthusiasm and curiosity helps give them a good life.


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