But there is a free dinner

We had some time on our hands as we waited for the tide to be high enough for our lift out of the water – and for the folks at the Balboa Yacht Club to put the wheel back on the carriage. So, we decided to do some sightseeing around the Casco Viejo area (the Old Quarter). This used to be a particularly rough area, But, following a concerted effort to clean the place up, it’s as safe as anywhere – and the tourist police are everywhere. It’s a fascinating place to walk around. Here’s the photos:

After our sightseeing trek, we had dinner at a funky-looking Argentinian restaurant. The place must have been designed by someone on a particularly creative acid trip. It is packed full of strange artefacts. Flattened bottle tops served as wallpaper, horse saddles as bar seats, and a table and chairs were glued to the ceiling. And the menu was presented on the back of a wine bottle, as was the wine menu. We thought it was fantastic.  

Happy Campers

The food was excellent, and so was the service. So, we were happy enough – even when our waitress came along to apologise that there would be no more service. Immigration, she said, which probably accounted for the steady exodus of staff a couple of minutes before. I asked for the bill. Before getting the chance to stump up the cash, however, the manager asked us to leave without paying. Now that doesn’t happen every day. And it’s pretty high up on a Northern lad’s definition of a good night out: a saving for us of $125, but an expensive night’s trading for them.

Spaced-out decor

Glued-on table and chairs


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