Last night wasn’t how we imagined our arrival in the tropics. It was cold, wet and windy, certainly not the idyl we had in mind. The wind gusted to 30 knots, driving rain through the companionway hatch into the cabin. I had to shut myself out.
This morning, however, is totally different. With blue skies and only a few light fluffy clouds, it is exactly how we imaged our arrival to be.
We arrived at the same time as another three boats this morning: Krabat, Rubicon and Punch Coco – which I find remarkable given that we each took different routes to get here – and e we are currently hanging off a mooring buoy in the quarantine area waiting to be cleared in at 0900, together with a few of the other Islands Odyssey boats. After clearance, we can proceed to anchor at Carlisle Bay or go to the Careenage if we can get there before the bridge closes.
So, here we are. We made it with no incident bigger than a blocked loo and are very happy to be here.