At 0740 this morning, the sails went up and the engine went off.
There isn’t much wind at the moment, but it is from the right direction, blowing us slowly but surely towards Barbados – and it should increase within the next 24 hours.
We have just been visited by a super pod of dolphins. Maria heard them churning up an area of water around 300 metres from start to end. It was a spectacular performance starting from the right of Lady Jane around to the back, then towards Africa. I have no idea how many dolphins were in the pod, but we haven’t seen that many together before. I think the tuna are in for a hard time.
We are now 1633 miles from Barbados and the temperature is increasing. We’ve managed to keep the inside of Lady Jane down below 30 degrees, but outside its sizzling hot. This is making the crew of Lady Jane even more sloth-like. I am writing this with an iced tea towel around my head in an attempt to get my brain started. But conscious of the fact that it’s cold back at home, there are no complaints here.